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2017~ The Best Motivational Quotes from Champions

2017-06-10 18:42 [NEWS] Source:Netword
Guide:Motivational Quotes needed to motivate yourself (or your team) through the summer lull.

10 Motivational Quotes From Champions To Get You Pumped The words needed to motivate yourself (or your team) through the summer lull.

Josh Helmuth

by  Josh Helmuth Jul 13th, 2015

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No football.

No basketball.

No hockey.

Baseball is in the All-Star break. 

Seriously, if you want to catch any kind of competition, you’ll likely have to watch men drive in circles. 

It’s Summer. The sports calendar’s ‘Death Valley,’ when there is nothing compelling happening involving professional sports. It’s hard to get inspired when all of your favorite athletes are nowhere to be found. Hopefully you have all your favorite matches saved on TIVO to motivate you. If you are getting ready to start two-a-days, pull through another summer basketball camp, or for those who are powering through the summer months training for their next marathon, here are some of the greatest motivational quotes spoken by champions to get you pumped.

Motivational Quotes: Muhammad Ali

Muhammad Ali Motivational Quote

Motivational Quotes: Andre Agassi

Motivational Quote from Andre Agassi

Motivational Quotes: Billie Jean King

Motivational Quote from Billie Jean King

Motivational Quotes: Jerry Rice

Motivational Quote from Jerry Rice

Motivational Quotes: John Wooden

Motivational Quote from John Wooden

Motivational Quotes: Michael Jordan

Motivational Quote from Michael Jordan

Motivational Quotes: Mary Lou Retton


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